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Wireless charger in selected natural materials, Swich, our finest design ever. An idea developed and presented on Kickstarter has now become the first official product from Lutman Design Studio.

Qi wireless charging stand
Qi wireless charging stand
Qi wireless charging stand

Classic and natural smartphone stand, enhanced with the wireless charging option. A walnut and ceramic combination with micro suction holding structure for the smooth back of mobile phones.

SWICH has gone into production and has now approx. 14 days delivery rate. The product can be reviewed and ordered from the official SWICH WEBSITE.

The wireless charging stand offers stability, ergonomic position and wireless power to our daily smartphone routine. A simple solution, crafted from the finest local materials and designed paying respect to nature. The organic shape is the signature of the mobile phone stand, making it top selection among chargers. Wood and ceramics perfectly click-fitted to allow rotation to the wireless charging pad; combined with two layers of micro suction surface for a stabile grip. Functionality has met usability and good looks in the most advanced and improved wireless charger design.

Qi wireless charger
SWICH Qi wireless charger