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Vila Natura

A farm in Prlekija works with us in the creation of the visual representation image, packaging and branding. Their brand took our graphic enrichments and improved sales for many products.


The parking lot brand needed a full image of the company, along with properly designed brand material. We still work and draw the images you see while parking.

I Fell Basketball

Notebooks with Goran Dragic were our amazing creation along with Lipko mascott. The covers are something to be proud of, as we are proud of our basketball team.

Intermarket Diamond Business

The visual image of the Diamond Investment company IDB is in our care for some time. Together we created many promotional campaigns and advertising. A premium look and shiny diamonds are everything the brand needs for a impact on the market and cannot truly stand out without it.


Sortimo is a clear brand that took our full service and we were glad to deliver. The brand stands out as does the company itself, providing innovative and useful products for transport and other services.