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Create a visual dialogue with your surrounding.


Independent Studio

A collective of Designers, Developers and Strategists who are passionate about helping clients achieve their goals and grow their brands.

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Visual Brand Identity

We love working with clients who understand the benefit of design. Designers and professionals at Lutman Design platform your brilliant ideas into a fresh marketing success.

Take the advantages and grow your brand. Let your company shine and be seen by millions!

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Explore, Learn, Create

Visit us over a cup of coffee or let's have a Skype conference! We can explain the correct path to a flawless brand presentation or product campaign.

Have no doubt about our skills and devotion to clients. Read about how we commit to design and construct visions with partners.

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Design Principles and Guidelines

Learn about design and the advantages you can have on your side. Design is available to everyone, but rarely used properly.True designers are rare and awesome design is hard to make. Do you have what it takes to understand the force behind design? Visit our blog and learn from 10 years of experience.

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Featured Works


Swich is the first highly esteemed wireless charger design. This luxury accommodation will set users back in the past, in times careless of the battery.